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Our well experienced licensed on-site Opticians will evaluate your visual requirements, and will provide you with the latest in prescription eye wear options. If you are considering contact lenses, our qualified Optometrist will train and assist you on how to wear and care for your contact lenses until you feel comfortable and confident.

Why visit London Optical? We proudly offer all of the following with a smile:

  • The latest European and Japanese designer eyewear in a newly renovated Manhatten-styled boutique setting
  • Hard-to-find prescription-ready items such as Bolle Rx ski goggles, retro-styled motorcycle goggles, sports glasses, and dive masks
  • On-site licensed Opticians
  • On-site Optometrist by appointment
  • Comprehensive eye examinations
  • Complete contact lens services and solutions
  • Repairs and adjustments while you wait
  • On-site laboratory to personally fabricate your prescription

London Optical carries a wide variety of lens styles and brand options to suite your unique visual needs best. 

Lenses we offer include:
  • Single Vision
  • Bi-focals
  • Tri-focals
  • Occupational lenses
  • Progressive lenses
  • Free form lenses single vision
  • Free form progressives
  • TransitionsTM lenses
  • Polarized lenses in more than 10 color tones to choose from
  • Patented polarized transition lenses 
  • Computer lenses (intermediate/reading)
  • Semi-polarized night driving lenses
Anti-reflective (AR) Finish– An AR finished lens provides two key advantages: clearer vision and an enhanced appearance. By significantly reducing surface reflections, more light penetrates the lens resulting in clearer vision,  which is particularly helpful for night driving and the theater.  AR finished lenses also enhance cosmetic appeal by eliminating distracting reflections, which reduce natural eye contact. The newest AR lenses we offer incorporate excellent scratch resistant finishes that resist smudges and are easier to clean than previous technology.

Free-form lenses
-- Digitally manufactured lenses that incorporate proprietary lens technology to achieve the highest level of visual accuracy. These lenses are available in single vision and progressive lens designs.
Polarized lenses--
Sun lenses that greatly enhance visual clarity by incorporating a tinted polarized filter that eliminates reflected glare from the road, dashboard, windshield, and water. These lenses are available in over ten colors and in all the popular lens designs and materials. Stop in for a free demonstration and/or brochure.

Scratch-Resistant Finish
– A scratch-resistant  finish acts like a shield to make plastic, polycarbonate, and hi-index lenses more resistant to scratches and prolongs the life of the lenses. The scratch-resistant finishes we utilize are applied to both front and back surfaces of the lens.

TransitionsTM Lenses-- A photochromatic lens that is clear indoors, and at night time, and rapidly darkens to a sun glass tint outdoors. These lenses are available in gray and brown in all of the popular lens designs and materials. Ask for a free demonstration and/or brochure.

Ultraviolet Protection
- Ultraviolet light is invisible to the human eye, but can cause damage to the skin and ocular tissues. Over a lifetime of exposure, ultraviolet rays will damage the outside and the inside of the eye. Lenses like high–index and polycarbonate materials have UV filters built in. Other lens materials, such as plastic, can be specially coated to filter out damaging UV light.

If you have any questions, please contact us and we will do our best to accommodate whatever your inquires may be.

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