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London Optical is now carrying the newest generation of photochromic lenses- Transitions VITM. These  lenses are as clear as clear lenses indoors and automatically adjust to changing outdoor light, becoming as dark as sunglasses! These lenses are available in all lens designs including distance, reading, bi-focal, tri-focal and progressive. The selection of lens materials include scratch resistant plastic, shatter-resistant polycarbonate, and ultra thin high index plastic. They are all available in gray and brown tints as well as with an easy to clean Anti-Reflective (AR) finish, for optimal clarity and glare protection.  Other standard features include:
  • 100% UV protection for enhanced visual clarity.
  • Reduces eye fatigue and eye strain.
  • Activates to dark stage faster and fades back quicker than previous technology. 
  • Enhanced performance in hotter temperatures.
The London Optical staff not only recommends Transitions brand photochromic lenses...we wear them too! Stop by and ask us to demonstrate the new Transitions VI lenses, or for more information, please go to www.transitions.com.

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